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Everything You Need to Know About Cotton Lycra Yarn in India

Cotton lycra yarn is a synthetic fabric that has been prepared by mixing cotton and lycra. The quality of cotton and elasticity of lycra is very high. The obtained fabric is a type of stretchable cotton. This yarn is most famously used in making leggings and treggings. The products made with this fabric are recently […]

A Guide to Viscose Lycra Fabric

Viscose lycra is a fabric that is famously known by the name of Rayon. It is a generalized name for a fabric that is manufactured using cellulose. Cellulose is a type of carbohydrate and the chief component of which plants are composed. This is obtained by the process of viscose. The fabric viscose was first […]

A Complete Guide to Rib Fabric and Its Features

How many of us have heard of something called rib fabric? What exactly is rib fabric? Rib fabric is a very common knit fabric type that is produced by a double plate knitting machine and is most commonly used to produce types of accessory fabrics, tank tops, and underwear. Rib fabric is also known as […]

French Terry Cotton Fabric and Its Uses

French terry cotton is a fabric that is made using knitting technology. This fabric is similar to a jersey as it has similar loops on one side of the fabric and soft piling of the yarn on the other side. French terry fabric is a mid-weighted comfortable fabric. This fabric is very cosy, absorbs moisture […]

Everything You Should Know About Stretch Denim

Most of us are familiar with the normal denim, which is a type of cotton textile being greatly used in manufacturing jeans and another piece of clothing. It is a sturdy fabric with a twill weave which gives a very high strength to the fabric. Originally denim was used for lower category people like the […]

What Is Viscose Fabric? What Are Its Advantages and Disadvantages?

The textile industry has a plethora of fabrics. Each fabric bears special attributes and properties. One such fabric is the viscose, also known as rayon. Wood pulp is the main ingredient of the viscose fabric, which makes it difficult to be classified as either a natural or synthetic fabric. The wood pulp may be natural, but the […]

5 Features of a French Terry Fabric You Should Know

French terry fabric is a kind of knitted terry cloth fabric that is soft and smooth on one side (generally, outer) and has loops and yarns on the other side. It is a lightweight, absorbent, moisture-wicking fabric that is extremely comfortable to be worn in any season. It is known famously for being the fabric for sweatshirts, […]

What Is Cotton Lycra Fabric, Its Features, and Its Advantages?

There is a variety of fabrics available today. Some are natural fabrics, whereas others are synthetic, and each one has its own unique characteristic features and properties. One such fabric that we are going to write today on is the cotton Lycra. When cotton and Lycra are mixed together, it makes the cotton lycra fabric. Cotton is […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Cotton Fabric for Clothing

Cotton is one of the oldest natural fabrics in the world that has been a favourite of most people. There are a number of cotton lycra fabric manufacturers that provide you with the best cotton fabric. The cotton fabric is used to make a wide range of apparel such as dresses, shirts, trousers, nightwear, socks, etc. In today’s world, […]

5 Reasons the French Terry Is the Most Preferred Fabric for Casual Clothes and Sweatshirts

French terry is a common fabric, which is generally associated with sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos, pants, jackets, vests, hoodies, loungewear, casual clothing, and infant wear. The special feature of the French terry fabric is that one side of this fabric is soft and smooth while the other side has loops and soft piles of yarn, which in most cases forms […]