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What Is Cotton Lycra Fabric, Its Features, and Its Advantages?

There is a variety of fabrics available today. Some are natural fabrics, whereas others are synthetic, and each one has its own unique characteristic features and properties. One such fabric that we are going to write today on is the cotton Lycra. When cotton and Lycra are mixed together, it makes the cotton lycra fabric. Cotton is […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Cotton Fabric for Clothing

Cotton is one of the oldest natural fabrics in the world that has been a favourite of most people. There are a number of cotton lycra fabric manufacturers that provide you with the best cotton fabric. The cotton fabric is used to make a wide range of apparel such as dresses, shirts, trousers, nightwear, socks, etc. In today’s world, […]

5 Reasons the French Terry Is the Most Preferred Fabric for Casual Clothes and Sweatshirts

French terry is a common fabric, which is generally associated with sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos, pants, jackets, vests, hoodies, loungewear, casual clothing, and infant wear. The special feature of the French terry fabric is that one side of this fabric is soft and smooth while the other side has loops and soft piles of yarn, which in most cases forms […]

A Complete Guide to Fleece Fabric

Fleece is a synthetic fabric that is effective in keeping the body warm by trapping the body heat.

Tips for Buying the Best Clothing Ribbed Fabric

You must have basic knowledge of the ribbed fabric, its texture, longevity, sewing ease and other feature.

Types of Fabric – What Type of Fabric Is Best for Your Outfit

it is most probably due to lack of knowledge and proper understanding of the characteristics of the variety of fabrics.

Where Can I Find Fabric Manufacturer in Delhi?

The variety of fabrics available in the textile industries can be confusing to choose from.

Five Reasons Why Denim Jeans are so Popular

Nothing can come to being close to a denim fabric in class and versatility.

Difference Between Knit and Stretch Fabric

Knitting, looping and crocheting involves interlacing loops of yarns which are formed either on a knitting needle, normal needle or a crochet hook. Mittal Traders serves the knit denim fabric to all the individuals as required. Braiding involves twisting threads together into a cloth. Felting involves pressing a mat of fibers along and dealing them […]

What Is Fleece, and Why Is This Synthetic Chosen Over Natural Fabrics?

Fleece could be an artificial surprise product, if there’s such an issue. Despite being named once the ‘fleece’ coat on a sheep, it’s 100% artificial and derived from plastic instead of a downy sheep’s coat – despite being fuzzy to the bit. Mittal Traders launches polyester fleece to many of the individuals. The super soft, […]