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Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Cotton Yarn

If you are running a garments business or deal in home décor and furnishings, you must constantly be searching for cotton lycra yarn suppliers that gives the best quality fabric. As with all other fabrics, you must be able to choose the best quality fabric so that you get no complaints from your customers. These days, there […]

5 Facts About the Highly Misunderstood Viscose Fabric

Nowadays, a variety of fabrics is available in the market. They come in various sizes, textures, designs, prints, weight and weaving. Fabrics can b natural or synthetic. Some fabrics are more in demand while some are less. One type of fabric that is clearly misunderstood is the viscose Lycra fabric. Therefore, we write below six facts about the […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Organic Cotton Clothing

The increased use of pesticides in the growth of the cotton crop is not a piece of news to us. The ever-increasing demand and competition among the producers have made the use of chemicals mandatory. However, this is causing a significant impact on our planet. This awareness has slowly led to the growth of organic […]

5 Ways to Find Trustworthy Cotton Yarn Providers to Avoid Frauds

If you are in the business of manufacturing garments, it is a daunting task to find the best and reliable cotton yarn providers. When you start a fabric manufacturing or garments and home décor business, the first step is to find a reliable manufacturer so that your business becomes successful and your customers are thoroughly […]

Fabric Construction and The Types of Fabric Suppliers

If you are in the fashion designing industry, it means that you have to look into many aspects of the fabric. Good quality fabrics will set a benchmark for your brand and make you stand apart from others. The quality of the fabric is of various types such as knitted, woven, printed, dyed etc. choosing […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cotton Lycra Yarn in India

Cotton lycra yarn is a synthetic fabric that has been prepared by mixing cotton and lycra. The quality of cotton and elasticity of lycra is very high. The obtained fabric is a type of stretchable cotton. This yarn is most famously used in making leggings and treggings. The products made with this fabric are recently […]

A Guide to Viscose Lycra Fabric

Viscose lycra is a fabric that is famously known by the name of Rayon. It is a generalized name for a fabric that is manufactured using cellulose. Cellulose is a type of carbohydrate and the chief component of which plants are composed. This is obtained by the process of viscose. The fabric viscose was first […]

A Complete Guide to Rib Fabric and Its Features

How many of us have heard of something called rib fabric? What exactly is rib fabric? Rib fabric is a very common knit fabric type that is produced by a double plate knitting machine and is most commonly used to produce types of accessory fabrics, tank tops, and underwear. Rib fabric is also known as […]

French Terry Cotton Fabric and Its Uses

French terry cotton is a fabric that is made using knitting technology. This fabric is similar to a jersey as it has similar loops on one side of the fabric and soft piling of the yarn on the other side. French terry fabric is a mid-weighted comfortable fabric. This fabric is very cosy, absorbs moisture […]

Everything You Should Know About Stretch Denim

Most of us are familiar with the normal denim, which is a type of cotton textile being greatly used in manufacturing jeans and another piece of clothing. It is a sturdy fabric with a twill weave which gives a very high strength to the fabric. Originally denim was used for lower category people like the […]