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PC% cotton & 48% polyster to give strength to fabric.

PC Matty Fabric or Polycotton or Poly Cotton Fabric is the fabric made with the perfect mix of natural cotton and synthetic polyester. This fabric, with its excellent combination, is so popular in the fashion market. It is used to make wide ranges of clothing types since it is more versatile, customizable, stronger, and dries faster than 100% cotton. The lightweight fabric is used for blouses, shirts, and similar attires, and the heavier fabric is used for pants, skirts, fall wear, and more. Mittal Traders, one of the leading fabric manufacturers and exporters of the country, provide pc matty fabric in different blend ratios as per the requirement of the retailers.


Buy High Quality PC Matty Fabric at Mittal Traders

Usual fabric comes with a ratio of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Mittal Traders manufactures PC Matty Fabrics in different blend rations to make the fabric ready to meet different applications. We provide the fabric in a 50:50 blend ratio which is so popular in the industry because of the perfect balance between durability and breathability. This fabric is one of the most preferred materials to make commercial clothing like athletic and corporate uniforms.

Exploit the demand for poly-cotton matty fabrics in the fashion market. Get top-quality PC cotton fabric from Mittal Traders at market best rates. Our fabrics are well said in the national and international market for its incredible quality and unmatched perfection, which you can feel it in every thread.

The purest form of natural cotton is blended with the finest quality polyester in the best ratios to keep the excellent features of cotton and polyester unaffected. The manufacturing process is carried out under the supervision of a team of production engineers and supervisors with quality checks at different levels to make the product free from any of the usual defects or drawbacks.

Explore the exclusive collection of PC Cotton Matty Fabric online at Mittal Traders and post your inquiry from. Our executive will get back you shortly with the best fabric business deals in the industry.


Dimensions 24-28 cm

52% Cotton & 48% Polyster




16 & Made to order Possible (MOQ: 200Kg)




Bio – Wash


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