Mittal Traders

Why Us

Why Us?

Mittal Trader is one of the famous and fastest-growing fabric manufactures, suppliers and wholesalers in the country. Our team strictly follows manufacturing standards and quality control measures right from the selection of raw materials to the final production of the product. Everything from yarn to fashion is manufactured meeting these standards. 

Team of professionals with incredible experience closely watches the changing fashion trends in the market to deliver innovative designs and patterns. Twenty plus years of experience with the ever-changing world of fashion help us to provide the trendy and latest fabrics design supply that tends to gain popularity in both Indian and International markets. 

Delivering Quality

Mittal Trader continues to survive in the competitive world by providing quality in every thread.

Mastered Manufacturing Process

Art and science of manufacturing process are mastered to meet the demand of time.

Market Best Rates

The textile market is much competitive, and our rates help you to win the competition.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Units

The manufacturing unit is set ready to handle orders of any sizes from the clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers satisfaction is at the heart of business policy and strategy.

On-time Delivery

Sets the right expectations and strengthens the bond with clients.