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Spun fleece is obtained by the use of polyster yarn which is basically used in winters to keep you warm . We provide you the best quality Spun Fleece to maintain the warmth in the winters.


Spun Fleece Fabrics Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesaler In Delhi

Spun fleece is a special kind of fabric that is made from polyester yarn. It is primarily used for protecting the body against the harsh cold temperatures. They keep the body warm in cold climatic regions or during the cold winter months.

The natural fleece is known to be organic and astoundingly soft. As it is also quite resilient, people have started using them since sheep were domesticated in farms.

Mittal Traders is one of the highly regarded spun fleece fabric manufacturers in the country. The fleece we offer is sheared humanely from well-fed lambs, which is later turned into garments in the textile industry.

We understand that it is essential to keep the body warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. And the best way to do that would be by providing comfortable clothing. Because of this reason, we ensure that the quality of fleece we provide is top-notch.

Apart from the quality, Mittal Traders is referred to as one of the best spun fleece fabric suppliers because we also believe in affordability. We want our product to be available to maximum people, and to ensure that we encourage competitive pricing. However, we do not let our industry-standard pricing affect the quality of the products we supply.

If spun fleece is what you need, your search is finally over. Mittal Traders is among the few spun fleece wholesale distributors that offer customisation options to clients. As the needs vary from one customer to the other, the choices we offer are varied.

With the help of advanced technology and top-notch raw materials, our highly functional and talented team of professionals will deliver spun fleece that will meet yours as well as industry standards.

With us by your side, winter nights will never go feeling cold. We will leave no stones unturned to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the core. Our manufacturing process also goes through a series of tests to ensure that the fabric is being treated correctly. Trust us, and we will not disappoint you.



100% Polyster


280 – 300




18 and Made to order Possible (MOQ: 200Kg)


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