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5 Features of a French Terry Fabric You Should Know

french terry fabric

French terry fabric is a kind of knitted terry cloth fabric that is soft and smooth on one side (generally, outer) and has loops and yarns on the other side. It is a lightweight, absorbent, moisture-wicking fabric that is extremely comfortable to be worn in any season. It is known famously for being the fabric for sweatshirts, sweatpants, jogging pants, hoodies, shorts, etc. Generally, French terry fabric is made up of 100% cotton, but in some cases, a small percentage of rayon, polyester, spandex, or Lycra is added to the cotton. We list below five characteristics of French terry fabric.

Is versatile:
French terry fabric is a lightweight and versatile fabric. It is preferred to make sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, lounge pants, etc. The soft feel and cozy style not only provide comfort but also makes for a great fashion statement, which is difficult to beat. It is primarily used for sportswear, infant wear, and casual clothing, as it is extremely soft and comfortable.

Is comfortable: 
The French terry is extremely comfortable fabric. The yarn loops are intact, which makes the French terry absorbent and breathable fabric. It thus keeps you cool and relaxed. The soft and smooth surface of French terry also allows easy decoration on it.

Is strong and long-lasting: 
French terry is a strong and durable fabric, which can withstand the rough wear and tear. The fabric is not damaged easily even with constant twisting, rubbing, or stretching. It does not lose its form even after repeated washing. The French terry is a flexible fabric that is stretchable. It can withstand such rough use and high pressure because it is a knit fabric. The strong structure of the French terry is due to the interlocked loops, which makes it a highly durable fabric.

Not prone to pilling: 
Another feature of a french terry fabric is that it is not prone to pilling. Pilling happens when the yarns break, are wired, and form small balls of yarn on the fabric surface. This generally happens with prolonged use of the fabric and by wear and tear. Luckily, the French terry is the east susceptible to piling because it is a densely formed knitted fabric in which the yarns are strongly held together and are intact. It also retains shape off the garment due to its mid weight.

Easy to wash: 
French terry is easy to wash and dry. There are no elaborate methods to wash the fabric. It can be washed in cold water in a washing machine and dried in the heat. In addition, it requires very little maintenance and does not wrinkle easily. It does not require dry cleaning.

We hope the above features of a French terry fabric will help you in an easy understanding of the fabric and the benefits that it offers. It is no surprise that the French terry fabric manufacturers in India are increasing in numbers due to the fabric’s wide popularity, versatility, and increasing usage.

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