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Five Vital Things to Consider While Buying Cotton Fabric

cotton LoopNet fabric India 

We live in a country where the majority of the people prefer wearing cotton clothes due to the heat. Cotton is by far the most widely used fabric due to the comfort that it offers. Cotton comes in a variety of fabrics like the Loopnet cotton sinker cotton, Terry cotton and others. Moreover, India boasts of having the biggest cotton textile in the world. The huge variety of cotton fabrics that is available has made it easier for the fashion designers and the cloth manufacturing companies to choose the type of cotton according to their preference. However, for a layman, it becomes a difficult task to choose the cotton fabric for themselves, without having adequate knowledge of the fabric. Therefore, we bring to you some of the vital things to keep in mind before you buy the cotton fabric.

  1. Quality of fabric: the first thing is to check the quality of the fabric. A good way to do is quality of by rubbing it against your skin. This lets you know whether it is of good quality or not. If it is a printed or dyed cloth, make sure it has no blemishes on it.
  2. Type of fabric: there are different types of cotton. Some may be pure cotton, and some others may be a combination of two or more types of fabrics, which is referred to as mixed cotton. Before you buy, you must ask the seller what cotton it is. It is understood that pure cotton will be more expensive than mixed cotton.
  3. Colour fastness: look at the fabric very closely to check if it has no marks or streaks on it. If you find that the fabric is faded, do not buy it, as the chances are that the colour will run out. To check if it is colourfast or not, you can damp white cloth and rub it on the fabric. If the colour appears on the white cloth, it means the fabric colour is not fast.
  4. Shrinkage: an important factor that must be considered while buying the cotton LoopNet fabric India is its shrinkage. Every cotton fabric has its own shrinking capacity. It is advisable to take a little extra fabric and wash it before getting it stitched so that the fabric does not shrink and become smaller later.
  5. Colour: the cotton fabric comes in a multitude of colours. There are white cotton fabrics that you get it dyed on any colour that you want. People prefer wearing light coloured cotton fabrics in summers. You must go shopping for cotton fabric in the daytime so that you can check out the actual colour. After sunset, you may not be able to know the actual colour of the fabric.

Whatever type of cotton you prefer to buy, you must keep in mind the above-mentioned points. When you do so, you will not make any mistakes and regret your purchase of the cotton fabric. In addition, buy the fabric that suits your budget.

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