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Seven Things to Consider While Buying Cotton Fabric

LoopNet cotton

Cotton fabric is by far the most popular fabric all over the world. This fabric is made from soft, mushy and staple fibre that is extremely comfortable and lightweight. This fabric is composed of organic fibres that are derived from the seeds of the cotton plant. The cotton fabric was first produced in ancient India, and India now boasts of having the largest cotton textile in the world. Cotton fabric is used in making a variety of items that include shirts, dresses, blouses, underwear, socks, bed sheets, bedcovers, skirts, bags, and so much more. The cotton fabric is very breathable, possesses high moisture-wicking abilities and is stretchable to some extent. We list below seven things to consider while buying the cotton fabric.

  • Quality- to check the quality of the cloth you must rub a part of the cloth against your skin to check whether the quality of the cotton fabric is good or not.
  • Type of fabric- cotton is available as pure cotton or as mixed cotton. The different types of cotton fabric available in the market may confuse you as to what would be the ideal cotton fabric for you. Mixed cotton is when two or more fabrics are mixed with the cotton fabric in its making. Mixed synthetic cotton fabrics are less expensive than pure cotton fabrics.
  • Colourfastness: examine the cotton fabric closely before you buy. If you find spots of steaks on it or if you notice that, the fabric is faded in some parts, it is advisable not to buy as the colour may run once it is washed. You can dampen a white handkerchief and rub it on the cloth to check if the colour of the fabric is steadfast. If the white handkerchief absorbs the colour of the fabric, it means that the fabric colour is not fast.
  • Shrinkage: different types of cotton fabrics shrink differently. It is recommended to take a little extra of the fabric and wash the fabric before getting it stitched so that later the fabric does not shrink and cause you discomfort.
  • Colour: cotton LoopNet fabric comes in a multitude of colours. You can even make a plan white cotton fabric and get it dyed in the colour of your choice. Light coloured cotton fabrics are generally preferred in summers. You must ideally shop for the cotton fabric during the daytime so that you can see the actual colour of the fabric.
  • Pattern: another factor to consider is the pattern of the fabric in relation to the type of design you would want for your attire. Choose the cotton fabric that will go best with the design of the garment.
  • Budget- we all have a fixed budget when we set out for shopping. When you are all set to shop for cotton fabrics, do keep in mind your budget and stick to it. This will prevent you from overspending and reduces wastage of time in seeing fabrics that are out of your budget.

We hope the above points will help you in buying the perfect LoopNet cotton fabric.

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