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Seven essential types of knit fabrics that you must know about

knit denim fabric

Are you looking for stretch knit fabrics but know nothing about them? To help it become easy for you while buying knit denim fabric, we explain some basic types of knit fabrics.

  1. Cotton jersey – the most common type of knit fabric is undoubtedly the cotton jersey. It is used in the making of different types of garments due to its softness and fluidity. When you buy cotton jersey, check its weight. Many jerseys weigh less and are see-through. It is also harder to sew on very lightweight knitted fabrics because it gets stretched too quickly.
  2. Cotton ribbed knit – this fabric is easily identifiable due to the upwards and downwards moving lines (ribs) in it. It is very easily stretchable and used mainly for cuffs, necklines and children thirsts.
  3. Cotton Lycra and cotton spandex knit – these fabrics are great for women’s wear. This smooth fabric gives an excellent stretch due to the small proportion of spandex or Lycra in it. It also retains its shape well even after stretching due to the presence of spandex or Lycra. These are slightly heavier than jersey and come in a variety of prints and colours.
  4. Cotton interlock knit – this common knit fabric is usually a bit thicker and more stable than other knitted fabrics. The thickness is due to its double-knit construction. This fabric is similar to a jersey knit except for the fact that both the front and back of the fabric looks extremely similar. The fabric is very soft, firm and highly absorbent. Cutting and sewing this fabric is a delight because it does not curl at the edges.
  5. French terry knit – this fabric is similar to the jersey with one side having loops and the other side having soft piles of yarn. The weight of the French terry knit fabric is lighter than sweatpants but heavier than the usual t-shirts. It is soft, easy to drape, mushy, cosy, moisture-wicking, absorbent and keeps the body cool. It is generally made up of 100 % cotton, but sometimes a little of rayon, polyester, spandex or Lycra is added to it.
  6. Hacci sweater knit – these have a more loopy texture than other usual cotton knits and are textured in an open-knit manner. These are usually made of a combination of wool, polyester or spandex. They are not wrinkled. Because it is soft and durable and lightweight, they are perfect for sweaters, hoodies, long sleeves etc. It is lighter in weight than most sweaters that you would find at the stores. It is soft and stretchy and can be sewed upon just like the regular knits. Check the weight before you buy. If its weight is below 10-12 Oz, it will be much lightweight for a sweater.
  7. Jersey rayon spandex – a combination of jersey and cotton spandex knit, this fabric is very soft and keeps you cool in the hot weather. Its lightweight and the curling of the edges do make it difficult to sew on. As compared to the cotton spandex blends, the rayon spandex blends ate lighter in weight which makes them good for kids t-shirts, nightgowns etc.

We hope the above information will make it easy for you when buying quality denim fabric and knitted fabrics.

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