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Denim Fabrics – Interesting and Important Facts

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The fabric once said or restrained as the workman’s textile is now turned to be an important and inevitable component of the fashion industry. Yes, this is what Denim Fabric! Now the blue jeans have become the most loved fashion trend around the world and almost become synonymous with the American style. The fabric is preferred to make dresses and apparel for males, females, and even kids. Even though most of the people make a unique fashion statement with denim, most of them are unaware of its interesting and important factors given below.

Denim – The fabric with a diagonal ribbing pattern

Denim is said to be the strong cotton fabric in the industry and is made using a twill weave. This weaving method creates or gives the fabric a subtle diagonal ribbing pattern. This fabric is warp-facing which means the weft threads feature two or more warp thread, and the right side carries more warp yarns. This diagonal ribbing is what makes it a sturdy woven cotton fabric and different from cotton duck or canvas.

Different Types of Denim 

Denim comes in different types to meet various fashion requirements and the expectations of the people around the world. The important types of denim include stretch denim fabric, Indigo denim, Crushed denim, Acid-wash denim, Raw denim, and Sanforized denim. Stretch denim is weaved with spandex or any other suitable elastic component to give extra flexibility for the fabric and is widely used for skinny jeans.

Factors to consider when buying Denim

There are several factors to consider when buying Denim. Some of them are given below.


Denim, especially denim jeans, comes in a variety of fits. There are options like straight leg jeans, wide-leg jeans, slim fit, and more. Different styles turn to be the trend of the market at different times. It is good to buy the fit and style that you like the best.


There is no doubt that blue jean still continues as the standard for denim. But there are also several denim colours and washes you can buy. Distressed jeans carry a worn-in quality, dark-wash jeans seem to be slimming, light wash jeans come with nice light blue, and black and grey denim are popular as sophisticated choices. Take extra care when washing dark-wash jeans since dye can transfer and when wearing with lighter items. You can also go for denim jackets and shorts in different washes.

Extra care – Extra life 

Go through the care instruction in detail and carefully before washing the fabric. It is good to wash denim alone on the first wash or with like colour since most indigo dye transfers in the wash. Wash denim on a normal to medium cycle in cold water. Denim can be dried at medium heat in the dryer. Washing after several wears and hang to dry can extend the life of denim item.

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