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Cotton Pique Fabric – What makes it the best choice?

pique cotton

Fabric is one of the big factors in designing clothes. There are so many fabrics available in the market to select from for your dresses and clothing. If the fabrics go wrong, the design and formation of the dresses or attires will not give the expected impact. There is no shortage of fabrics in the market and is good news for all the fashion lovers. There are several types of fabrics like chiffon, denim, cotton pique fabric, and many others.

Cotton pique fabric – The best pick 

Even though there are several fabrics available in the market, cotton pique fabric has turned to be the best pick of most of the people and fashion designers. This fabric is derived from cotton fibres with raised parallel cords or ribbing. This sort of fabric provides appearance similar to different patterns including but not limited to ribbed, waffle, birds-eye, honeycomb, and bulls eye patterns. The ribbing makes the fabric medium weight and is used mostly for pants, polo shirts, blouses, and even for the household items like quilts and that for bedding.

Refined ribbing 

This is what makes cotton pique different from normal cotton fabrics. This is created using a dobby loom attachment and is characteristically woven. The fabric is rich in patterns of refined ribbing that makes the difference with its unique texture and waffle-weave appearance. As said above, this fabric is medium weight and is the perfect blends of cotton and cotton-polyester. The fabric made using dobby loom leaves airy spaces for additional ventilation, and this makes cotton pique fabric polo shirts the best to wear in the warm months of summer.

Popular with Polo Shirts 

Polo shirts made with pique cotton are considered more formal than that of casual polo counterparts. These shirts are durable, better dimension, and show less sweat. But they are prone to wrinkle a bit more than that of standard jersey knits. Preferring pique fabric is a fantastic way to deliver a more formal look in the absence of an outdated casual long sleeve button up. Even though the fabric is sophisticated, it is not at all stuffy. Right from the birth of the first polo shirt in the year 1926, cotton pique continues to be the most loved and must have fabric for the fashion needs of males, females, and even children.

Change the fabric – Change the look a feel 

The above said are just a few of the factors that make cotton pique the best fabric in the market. If you have not experienced the cool features of pique cotton, then this is the time to make a fantastic change. Change the fabric to cotton pique to get a unique look and feel that you have never experienced before.

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