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How do you check the quality of fabric when shopping online?

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Shopping online for fabrics can be tricky. This is because you cannot touch and feel the quality of the fabric while shopping online; unlike you do, when you buy from a brick and mortar fabric store. Sometimes what may look good visually may not be of good quality when you actually receive your order. So how does one judge the quality of the fabric online? To make it easy for you, we have listed below a few guidelines that can probably help you choose a quality fabric online.

Zoom Tool – a good way to know the type and quality of the fabric is by knowing its knit details. You can do this with the help of the zoom tool, which allows you to zoom (enlarge) the picture of the fabric. By doing so, you can know the details of the knit. The up-close image will help you know and understand the patterns on the fabric if there are any. You can also check if the patterns on the fabric match up at the neckline or sleeves. By using the zoom feature, you can check if there are any zips on the cloth, if there are any, whether they lie flat or are covered by a placket. Zooming the fabric also lets you see if the fabric has been cut along well along the grain or nap of the particular fabric.

New Perspectives- you can see the fabric from different angles by making use of the “rotation tools” or “motion/animation tools”, generally in case of videos. The online shoppers get an idea of the fabrics behaviour when it is put to use, with the help of these tools and features.

They help the buyer know the fall of the fabric, how it moves and if it is thin or thick.

Technologies in Fabrics – another way to determine the quality of the fabric online is by reading the details associated with the said fabric. Read the percentage of natural fibres vs synthetic, its stretchability, uses, the type of maintenance requires fabric composition, weight, etc. to know its quality. Each item comes with a description online. If you do not understand certain descriptions, find out what it means. Find out if it comes with extra buttons or zips. Also, check if the online store has mentioned anything about the lining or pleating of the material? Also, find out the country where the fabric has been manufactured. Some countries have high standards of fabric manufacturing than others.

We all know the benefits of online shopping, and thus we prefer buying fabrics from the online fabric suppliers in Delhi. The large variety of fabrics can confuse you, but if you follow the above tips, you stand no chance of being cheated or duped. Once you get the hang of buying fabrics online, you will get confident. There are many fabric manufacturers in Delhi that provide a huge variety of fabrics at the lowest price and send your order in the last time possible.

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