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Everything You Should Know About Stretch Denim

stretch denim fabric

Most of us are familiar with the normal denim, which is a type of cotton textile being greatly used in manufacturing jeans and another piece of clothing. It is a sturdy fabric with a twill weave which gives a very high strength to the fabric. Originally denim was used for lower category people like the laborers or the workmen who used to work in mines and industry, but in recent times denim is the most fashionable trend around all the corners of the world. In modern times, denim is being wore by the richest of the richest as well as middle-income group people.

Denim is a 100% cotton material which is used for giving wonderful looks to the clothes. But different types of denim are available in the market nowadays. Most of them differ in their quality based on the other fabric extracts that they are mixed with. One such most popular type of denim that is put to the most use in the market by the manufacturers is Stretch denim.

Stretch denim is different from normal denim as it is not pure cotton. It is mixed with some component of spandex. This composition is mostly 98% cotton and the left 2% spandex which gives a bit of stretching quality to the normal denim.It is a cotton denim fabric. Stretch denim is preferred more by people, both manufactures as well as the consumers due to the following reasons:

  • Stretch-ability: Due to the addition of spandex in cotton, stretch denim is more famous than pure denim. Although pure denim is still used widely for jackets and shirts but manufactures highly prefer the use of stretch denim for making jeans.
  • Comfort Level: Stretch denim is more comfortable for jeans and bottom wear clothes because you can easily move your body in its stretchy shape. In pure denim, it sometimes becomes too difficult to do movements such as sitting, running and bending especially if it’s too fitted because it could not expand beyond its normal size.
  • Fitting: It is a very famous and obvious thing that each person who loves wearing jeans knows. Jeans and other dresses made from stretch denim fabric are more fitted and give a better look as compared to the normal denim fabric. They could closely fit the body without the person being uncomfortable in it. It is also good for people who are undergoing any exercise for weight gain or weight loss process, as they could still fit in their old jeans.
  • Pocket-Friendly: Stretch denim is more pocket-friendly for people who are not of a particular size. If you rapidly face changes in the shape of your body, stretch denim is your rescue. It will save you from buying new jeans every time your size increases or decreases by one or two sizes.
  • Increased Revenues: If people feel more comfortable in denim, they buy more. This increases the revenue of the manufacturers.

These reasons make stretch denim extremely popular and preferred among the youth and the big brands as well for their products. Most of the manufacturers are notably shifting from cotton denim fabric to stretch denim fabric due to its benefits.

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