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A Guide to Viscose Lycra Fabric

Viscose lycra fabric

Viscose lycra is a fabric that is famously known by the name of Rayon. It is a generalized name for a fabric that is manufactured using cellulose. Cellulose is a type of carbohydrate and the chief component of which plants are composed. This is obtained by the process of viscose. The fabric viscose was first launched in the market in the year 1924. The new viscose lycra fabric wholesalers are earning huge money due to various qualities of this fabric.

Nature Of The Fabric

Since it is manufactured from cellulose, the fabric could not be categorized into natural or synthetic fabrics, it is a fabric that is a kind of a mixed fabric- a mixture of natural as well as synthetic. It is partially man-made and partially natural.

Price Of The Fabric

Viscose lycra fabric is not a very expensive fabric, nor is there any difficulty in obtaining it. It is a very low-priced fabric that is easily available in the fabric shops in your neighbourhood or online platforms. Viscose lycra has a high percentage of usages as well. You could find viscose being used with a cotton end product. You could as well find it being used for making luxurious products such as velvets and taffetas. Viscose lycra is also found generally in feminine hygiene products. It is also found in tire cords.

Form And Sustainability

In its chemical form, viscose lycra resembles cotton, but its form and qualities tend to change according to the process which is being used for its manufacture. Its sustainability is also dependent on the process that is used while it’s manufactured. Since it is made from cellulose, the fabric has a greater life as compared to pure synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

Effect On The Environment

Viscose lycra is a fabric which is prepared from the raw materials that are extracted from natural sources, i.e., cellulose is extracted from plants and then processed into the fabric. Therefore, this fabric produces very little wastage. This quality of viscose makes it extremely environmentally friendly.

Strength Of The Fabric And Other Features

Viscose lycra is a very strong and robust fabric which means that it does not get torn easily. It is relatively light as compared to other semi-natural fabric. The fabric is also very soft and smooth. Due to its softness, it is very comfortable to wear this on your body. The fabric is also absorbent. It could easily absorb water and sweat. This makes it very breathable and comfortable as it does not stick to the body it comes into contact with water.

Versatility Of The Fabric

Viscose lycra is a very versatile fabric. This means it easily changes its shape as per the body size of the person getting into the clothing. This gives a very smart and cool fit for the person wearing a viscose product. You should always buy it from the best viscose lycra fabric wholesaler.

Shortcomings of viscose lycra
  • Viscose lycra is although a very low-maintenance fabric but it could shrink a bit after washing.
  • Viscose lycra is a very sensitive fabric, so it could easily get wrinkled if not kept properly.
  • It might lose its bright colours and shine after regular exposure to sunlight and high temperatures.
  • The fibre is although very strong, but it gets weaker while it is wet and becomes prone to damage.

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