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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Cotton Fabric for Clothing

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Cotton is one of the oldest natural fabrics in the world that has been a favourite of most people. There are a number of cotton lycra fabric manufacturers that provide you with the best cotton fabric. The cotton fabric is used to make a wide range of apparel such as dresses, shirts, trousers, nightwear, socks, etc. In today’s world, where there are so many natural and synthetic fibres available easily, cotton still holds the most exalted position in the world of fabrics. Listed below are five reasons why the cotton fabric is the most preferred fabric for clothing and other purposes.

Cotton is multipurpose-

Cotton is used to make almost all types of clothing. Cotton clothes can be worn on any occasion. Whether it is for office wear, or sportswear, bridal wear, or nightwear, you can find cotton in all of these ensembles. A gorgeous partywear gown, when made in cotton, will weigh light on your body, making you feel easy and comfortable.

Cotton is strong and long-lasting-

The cotton fabric is one of the most durable fabrics as it withstands the rough wear and tear. Most other fabrics need to be handled in a delicate manner, especially when it comes to washing them, but this is not the case with cotton. It is also easy to wash cotton. Therefore, when you invest in buying a cotton fabric for your clothing, you are rest assured that it will last you for a very long time.

Cotton keeps you cool-

One great advantage of cotton is that it is breathable. That is why cotton sheets are used widely in making the bedding material. Cotton allows your skin to breathe comfortably and is a great absorbent. As such, it keeps you cool even in the hot sunny weather. Since cotton absorbs moisture from the body, it is perfect for making gym wear. It keeps you dry even when you sweat after a long workout session in the gym.

Cotton is odour-free and hypoallergenic-

Cotton fabric does not possess an inherent odour and, as such, can be washed quickly. When fabrics retain odour, it emits a foul smell and can be uncomfortable to wear, especially on sensitive skin. In addition, cotton fabric rarely causes an allergic reaction or irritation on the skin ad is thus safe to be worn for all, including infants.

Suitable for all-weather-

Cotton fabric is suitable to be worn in any weather condition. Cotton resists the temperature changes easily. It is an ideal summer clothing and provides insulation during the winter season. This is because the fibres of the cotton fabric trap the air. In addition, cotton is not a sticky material; thus, it provides sufficient insulation to your body.

With the above benefits that a cotton fabric offers, it is undoubtedly one of the most preferred fabrics for clothing in the world. Cotton can be used to make bags, pouches, tapestries, bedcovers, pillow covers, and so much more.

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