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French Terry Cotton Fabric and Its Uses

French terry cotton fabric

French terry cotton is a fabric that is made using knitting technology. This fabric is similar to a jersey as it has similar loops on one side of the fabric and soft piling of the yarn on the other side. French terry fabric is a mid-weighted comfortable fabric. This fabric is very cosy, absorbs moisture very easily and helps in keeping your body cool.

French terry is mainly used in making sweatpants, hoodies, pullovers, and shirts. The products made from this fabric are a great idea if you are thinking of something to wear to your gym or exercise sessions. It gives a very cool and stylish overall look to the person wearing it. French terry is different from the normal terry fabric as it is more absorbent and softer.

French terry is a category of fabric that is very easy to maintain and does not cost you your whole financial situations for its dry cleaning or servicing. Below are some tips using which you could easily keep your French terry items in great form and look:

  • Regular Washing: The easiest and most effective way to maintain your French terry cloth is to wash it after every wear. Since this fabric is highly absorbent, it absorbs your sweat which could stink. But this odour could be easily released during a simple wash in water and detergent.
  • Fabric Form:French terry cotton fabric is a non-wrinkle fabric. This means that your clothes that are made from French Terry Fabric will not get wrinkles. This means that you need not iron your clothes after every wash or usage.
  • Cold water And Rising: The best way to wash your terry cotton clothing is to rinse it thoroughly in a bucket full of cold water. This will remove all the dirt as well as absorbed sweat and odour and your cloth will be new-like again.

It is important to note that the price of French terry cotton is higher than the prices of normal terry cotton. The reason behind its high prices are as follows:

  • Raw Material: The material used in making French terry cotton is very high-quality cotton. It is a 100% pure cotton fabric. So, the final product that is made is also ultimately pure in quality.
  • Process: The process used for making French terry is different from what is used for making the normal terry cotton fabric. It is the advanced process that uses extremely precise and highly functioning machinery. This ensures that the final product is without any faults or manufacturing defects making it better.
  • Weight: The quality at which this fabric comes is very high. Its width is broader as compared to another terry cotton. With this width and layers, other fabrics have a high weight, but French terry has a very low weight.

The French terry fabric is recently in huge demand due to its great quality. Its market and consumers are also increasing tremendously. So, there is a high scope for French terry suppliers to earn high revenues in their businesses.

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