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Tips for Buying the Best Clothing Ribbed Fabric

ribbed fabric

Buying a fabric can be confusing because of the many varieties of fabrics available. When you enter a textile showroom, the first thing that attracts you in a fabric is its colour and pattern. However,that is not the only factor in choosing a fabric for your clothing.

You must have basic knowledge of the ribbed fabric, its texture, longevity, sewing ease and other feature. We list below five essential points to keep in mind before you choose a fabric for your clothing.

  • Type of fabric– Fabrics mainly fall into three categories i.e. natural, synthetic and a combination of both. Natural fabrics include cotton, linen, denim, and leather, silk. Examples of synthetic fabrics are polyester, rayon, spandex, acrylic, nylon etc. combination of natural and synthetic fabrics are ideal for clothing if they are of a good quality.Your preference of fabric will determine what fabric you would like to choose. Natural fabrics are costlier than artificial ones so your budget will also play a role here.
  • Quality of the fabric– The quality of the fabric differs greatly based on many factors. Before you decide on buying any fabric whether it is Ribbed Cotton Fabric, silk, polyester or nylon you must ensure that it is of a good quality. Feel it against your skin to understand its texture.There should be no imperfections in the fabric in matters like the print, design,fibres,weave or dye of the fabric. If the quality of the fabric is not a good one, it will not last long and if the fabric has blemishes, it will show on your clothing.
  • Colour fastness– When you buy a fabric check to ensure that the colour of the fabric is fast and without any spots. Hold the fabric closely and check if there is it is unevenly dyed. If any portion of the fabric is faded, except if it is a design on the fabric thenresist from buying that fabric.Another way to check the colour fastness in a fabric is to rub a damp cloth on a small part of the fabric. If there is colour on the cloth, it means the colour of the fabric is not fast.
  • Suitability and location– When you buy a fabric for clothing you have some sort of apparel in mind. For example, if you want to make baby clothes, you cannot buy polyester or chiffon.Alternatively you cannot make a wool swimsuit or sports clothes. Also, you cannot wear wool clothing in a desert or polyester in the chilly regions.
  • Shrinkage – Many fabrics shrink after beingwashed. The shrinkage factor differs from one fabric to another. You can buy a little extra of the fabric if there are possibilities of shrinkage.Certain fabrics are washed beforehand. Such pre shrunk fabrics have labels on them and are good for buying.

We hope the above tips and techniques on buying a fabric for your clothing will be helpful to you. It will ensure you get the best fabric, which helps you to make a great comfortable clothing of your choice.

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