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What Is Cotton Lycra Fabric, Its Features, and Its Advantages?

There is a variety of fabrics available today. Some are natural fabrics, whereas others are synthetic, and each one has its own unique characteristic features and properties. One such fabric that we are going to write today on is the cotton Lycra. When cotton and Lycra are mixed together, it makes the cotton lycra fabric.

Cotton is the natural fibre and Lycra is the synthetic fibre that is extremely stretchable. The cotton fibres are wrapped onto the filaments of spandex to make the cotton Lycra fabric. The other name of this fabric is spandex. The cotton Lycra due to it being very comfortable is used for casual clothing and for sports and athletic wear. 

Advantages of the cotton Lycra fabric

Comfortable – The increased presence of cotton in this fabric is the reason why cotton Lycra is extremely comfortable fabric.

Breathability – The fabric allows easy breathing of the skin.

Easy to maintain – Cotton Lycra does not require much care or maintenance. It is easy to wash in the cold water in the washing machine. It does not need dry cleaning. Another advantage of this fabric is that it does not get wrinkled easily.

Durable – The cotton Lycra is a durable fabric that lasts for long. Its appearance does not get dull even after prolonged use and wash. It is also not prone to pilling. This is because of the larger proportion of cotton and less proportion of spandex in the fabric. It withstands daily wear and tear. As such, it is free from aging and has a long life.

Therefore, when you invest in buying a cotton Lycra outfit, you are assured that it would last you for many years. Lycra is also resistant to the sunrays and dew. The strength and flexibility of the fabric give it the versatility for any type of wear. 

How to maintain the cotton Lycra fabric?

The manufacturers and sellers of the cotton Lycra fabric lay down a few specifications about the fabric. Before you use this fabric, you must follow these specifications to enhance the life of the cotton Lycra fabric effectively. You must have knowledge of the steps involved in how to clean and wash the cotton Lycra. We list below four maintenance rules for the cotton Lycra fabric-

  • The spandex present in the cotton Lycra is sensitive to heat. Therefore, the cotton Lycra fabric should not be washed in hot water. The heat may destroy the form and shape of the apparel.
  • You must follow the care instructions. Wash it accordingly.
  • The cotton Lycra fabric should not be subjected to chlorinated bleach.
  • This fabric is wrinkle-free. Therefore, you do not need to use a very hot iron on the fabric, as the spandex present in the fabric is not heat resistant.

We hope the above basic guide on cotton Lycra will help you to understand the fabric in a better. Next time when you visit the lycra fabric wholesale delhi, you may not look confused and diffident.

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