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5 Reasons the French Terry Is the Most Preferred Fabric for Casual Clothes and Sweatshirts

French terry fabric wholesale

French terry is a common fabric, which is generally associated with sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos, pants, jackets, vests, hoodies, loungewear, casual clothing, and infant wear. The special feature of the French terry fabric is that one side of this fabric is soft and smooth while the other side has loops and soft piles of yarn, which in most cases forms the inner side of the clothing. The inner side of the garment is thus very cool and comfortable due to the soft piles. French terry can be 100% cotton or a combination of cotton and rayon, polyester, spandex or Lycra. We list below five reasons why French terry is the most popular fabric for sweatshirts and casual clothes.

  • Very comfortable

    The greatest advantage that a French terry fabric offers is that it is extremely comfortable to be worn on any day or time of the year. The soft piles of yarn on the inner side of the garment is extremely soft and smooth. As such, it is comfortable with nude skin as well. That is why it is perfect for bathrobes also. In addition, it does not cause any irritation or allergic reaction on the skin, which is the case with most other synthetic fabrics.

  • Absorbent

    A great feature of a French terry fabric is its moisture-wicking property. The fabric absorbs sweat from the body and keeps you dry and comfortable. This is the reason why French terry is the most preferred fabric for sweatshirts, workout clothes, and gym clothes. After a strenuous workout in the gym, the fabric quickly absorbs the sweat from your body. The absorbent quality of the French terry is also perfect for athletic clothing.

  • Stretchable

    A great reason for the French terry to become popular is that it is stretchability. Its elasticity helps you to easily fit in the garment. The elasticity of the fabric can easily accommodate the growing child. Also, it provides flexibility in performing activities like running, working out, yoga, jogging, etc.

  • Midweight

    A French terry is lightweight. It may be a bit heavier than the usual t-shirts but is lighter than most other sweatshirts. It can be worn at any time of the year because of is cool properties. You can wear it inside or on top of other garments too.

  • Easy to breathe

    The French terry is designed in the looped way, which allows easy breathability. The trapped air inside provides you warmth in the cold season. It allows your skin to breathe and keeps you cool and relaxed. This is the reason why French terry is used widely in making sweatshirts, casual clothing, and infant wear.

The features of the French terry are such that it not only provides great comfort to the wearer but also offers a great fashion statement and style. Its wide popularity is the reason behind the booming of the French terry fabric wholesale shops.

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