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A Complete Guide to Fleece Fabric

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There are many different kinds of fabrics available in the market today such as cotton, polyester, linen, leather, wool, silk, and many others. Each fabric has its special characteristics and usefulness.
One such fabric is fleece made by the spun fleece fabric manufacturers.

Fleece is a synthetic fabric that is effective in keeping the body warm by trapping the body heat.

What is fleece made up of?

Typically; fleece is made from polyester, which is a kind of inorganic fibre. The components of fleece can broadly be categorized as organic fibre and inorganic fibre. Organic fleece isprimarily the sheep fur or woolbut can also be made of spun cotton or a combination of the two.

Inorganic fleece, which is predominant nowadays, is made from polyester, which is made of plastic. This plastic is made to undergo a process that transforms it into threads. These threads are then woven and given finishing giving the fleecy a fluffy look.

Sometimes, other natural fibres, like wool, rayon or hemp, are added into the fleece to give it a certain texture and appearance. Fleece can also be made from recycled plastics such as plastic water bottles and containers,which makes it eco-friendly,although it may be expensive.

What is the process of making fleece?

For polyester fleece, the polyester fibres are made first by usingchemical reaction involving petroleum andpetroleum derivatives.Thick syrup is formed by heating the chemicals, which gets hard and is spun to form threads.
The warmness of fleece is due to the structure of the fibres, fleece is a breathable fabric as it allows air to flow through it easily.

What are the characteristics of fleece?

Fleece is soft like the cotton and the texture bears resemblance to that of a yarn.Itis very useful for keeping warm and as such is used to make sweatpants, baby towels, jackets, blankets, and sweatshirts. Fleece is thick and furry and the final appearance looks unfinished.

The polyester fleece is warm, durable and moisture resistant which makes it ideal for extreme weather conditions or for sportswear. Fleece is softer and lighter than wool. It is a breathable fabric and does not insulate when damp.

What are the uses of fleece?

Fleece has been used for making a variety of products like fleece jackets,towels, ear-warmers for baby calves etc. to underwear for astronauts.
Its versatility makes it one of the most popular and widely usedfabrics in the textile market today. As mentioned, fleece is the ideal material for sportswear especially sports jackets.

Fleece quickly absorbs the perspiration and moisture away from the body, keeping sportsmen dry, while letting air pass through the fibres. It is also resistant to odours and is thus perfect for strenuous workouts.Shirts, coats, gloves, and blankets are made from fleece to give warmth and to help it last longer.

The above information will help you in understanding the fleece fabric. Fleece is not only perfect to give you warmth and comfort but it also gives a fashionable and classy look to your wardrobe.

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