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A Complete Guide to Rib Fabric and Its Features

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How many of us have heard of something called rib fabric? What exactly is rib fabric? Rib fabric is a very common knit fabric type that is produced by a double plate knitting machine and is most commonly used to produce types of accessory fabrics, tank tops, and underwear. Rib fabric is also known as an accessory fabric which can be used as a collar or a cuff for sweatshirts, sweatpants as well as hoodies and t-shirts. Rib fabric is also used in polo t-shirts. Rib fabric is also commonly known as cotton rib fabric, accessory fabric. Cotton 2*2 rib fabric or cotton 1*1 rib fabric. Rib fabric is known to change the look and the stretch ability of the fabric. This fabric is what makes your clothes stretch more and look different.

Here are some of the things which you will need to know about rib fabric:

  • Rib fabric is relatively stretchier: This feature of rib fabric which makes It stretchier is one of the reasons it is also used as an accessory fabric. The ribbed fabric when used on collars and the sleeves of the t-shirts makes it stretchy which is why t-shirts are very comfortable.
  • The stretch ability of rib fabric makes it useable for sleeve bands, neck bands or even sweater waistbands. These are the areas of garments that need to stretch to fit the person wearing it. For this to happen, the use of rib fabric is preferred. The stretch ability of the fabric makes the sweatshirts comfortable to wear.
  • Rib fabric can be produced as both tubular rib fabric as well as open width rib fabric. Like other fabrics, rib fabric is not restricted to being manufactured in only one style. It can be manufactured in both ways.
  • Rib fabric can be produced in variations of 100% cotton rib fabric, 60% cotton rib fabric or 40%cotton rib fabric. Other compositions can be produced as well such as 5% full elastane rib fabric.
  • The most preferred rib fabric is the 1*1 cotton elastane rib fabric as well as 2*2 cotton elastane rib fabric.
  • Rib fabric can be melange, bleached or single and double-dyed as well. Rib fabrics can be cotton or polyester blended fabrics as well.
  • The gsm of rib fabric varies depending upon the demands of the customers. For a cotton elastane rib fabric. The gsm fabric may vary between 200 to 500 grams.

It is quite easy to find a rib fabric supplier. You can ask your French rib fabric supplier for any composition of fabric that you prefer to use. You can choose which rib fabric you want to use to produce sweatshirts or t-shirts. It is mostly used in the manufacturing of comfortable clothes that require the fabric to stretch. To make the sweatshirts more comfortable to wear, the use of rib fabric is a must. So, make sure to use rib fabric wherever required.

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