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Five Things to Know About Cotton Yarn

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Cotton yarns are soft, supple, and hence perfect for making tops and accessories to be worn in warm weathers. Cotton yarns are robust, durable, possess very good water absorption properties, and requires very less time for drying. These properties of the cotton pique make them great for children, kitchen and bath accessories. However, not all cotton yarns are the same. Some may wear it against your skin while some feel smooth and comfortable on your body and is easy to knit. We list below a few facts about cotton yarn that will help you understand what you are buying, why cotton pique fabric is costly and how can you make your experience in knitting cotton yarns a good one.

What differentiates good quality cotton from poor quality cotton?

The staple length of the cotton yarn or the length of a strand of the fibre is a good way to assess its quality. Good quality cotton-like the Egyptian cotton have strands that measure at least 28mm in length and can go up to 50mm.such kinds of cotton are of the topmost quality.

Why does the length of fibre matter in knitting yarn?               

You can find exposed ends on short staples, and the yarn needs to be tightly twisted in order to hold the loose ends. The yarn is a bit hard due to the tight twist, and the hanging ends give it a worn appearance. Such is not the case with yarns that are spun with longer fibres. This is because such fibres have very few exposed ends and can be spun gently to give it a soft feel. Clothes that are knit from good quality cotton yarns are durable.

Why do some cotton yarns look shiny and some look matte?

Different variety of cotton has different levels of lustre in it. However, the most prominent difference between cotton yarns is if it is mercerized or not. Cotton yarns that have been mercerized are first treated with a strong base, and then a strong acid neutralizes its effect. This process makes the yarn stronger, gives it a shine, allows better dyeing on it, and reduces shrinking. Yarns that have not been mercerized are softer in touch, have a matte finish, and require more care in the wash.

What different types of cotton yarns are there?

Different types of cotton yarns are available. Some cotton yarns are mixed with other fibres to give it a specific look, enhance their features or to make it more long-lasting. Some cotton yarns remain pure and unmixed. Some cotton yarns are flat and taper towards the end while some are constructed in a chained manner. The different way in which the yarn is constructed gives it a certain characteristic.

We hope this information will help you in understanding the cotton yarn in a better way. The market is full of different types of cotton yarn, and they are a delight to knit or crochet with. They are also skin friend. Newer varieties of cotton yarn keep coming in the market.

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