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How to buy different types of fabrics online?

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Buying fabrics online is tricky because you are unable to touch and feel the fabric. You are not able to determine its softness, weight, quality and actual color versus the screen color. Just with shopping any product online, you must read the description of the fabric too. This information is essential to buy the perfect fabric. We list below a few factors that you must consider while buying fabrics online.

The process by which the fabrics made is very important and falls broadly into 2 categories viz Woven and Knit

Woven-woven fabrics are made by weaving the threads in a criss-cross manner. Woven fabrics are not stretchable unless if they elastic fibres like lycra are used in its manufacturing process.

Here are three main types of weave, and each bear special features.

  • Plain weave- this is the most common woven fabric, which is generally synonymous with cotton.
  • Satin weave – this type of eve is more luxurious, even though it is not that well known. The arrangement of threads in satin weave is a bit complex. Fabrics that have satin weaves are soft, delicate and lustrous.
  • Twill weave – If you are wondering what a twill weave fabric is, then have a look at your jeans. A pair of jeans is the most common example of a twill weave. The most prominent feature of a twill weave fabric that makes it easy to recognize is the diagonal thread pattern on its surface. The dense weaving gives it a little extra weight and is, therefore, most commonly used in making trousers, jackets, jeans and even home décor items.

Knitted fabrics are made by looping continuous yarns repeatedly to create small braided rows. Knitted fabrics are stretchable. It is also softer than woven fabrics and thus is suitable for making tops, dresses, leggings and other things.

Weight- another thing that you must keep in mind while buying fabric online is its weight. Although you cannot touch the fabric to feel its thickness, you can check its weight by reading product information. The weight is usually measured in grams per square meter (gsm). The lower the gsm, the thinner is the fabric.

Colors – the real color of the fabric may differ when displayed on a mobile screen. This can be due to light effects. It is therefore recommended to ask the fabric manufacturers for a sample to check the actual color of the fabric.

Unit of Sale – many customers are habituated to buying fabrics by yard or meter from the fabric suppliers in IndiaHowever, some of us may need just a quarter or half of a meter. Therefore, check if the online fabric store sells fabrics in smaller units of measurement.

Delivery-find out the delivery charges, a number of days it will take for the order to be dispatched, a number of days for the product to reach you, mode of delivery etc. Also, check its return policy. In case of any manufacturing defect or change of mind from your side, check if the product can be exchanged.

We hope the above tips will help you in buying the perfect fabric of your choice.

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