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Six Fabrics that look and feel Extremely Beautiful

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There is a huge variety of fabrics available today. There is no shortage of fabric manufacturers in India. If you do not have proper knowledge of the fabric properties, you may end up buying the incorrect one. Most often, when we go to buy clothes, we are stuck in what fabric to choose. Deciding on print, design, and colour comes easy but understanding the quality of a particular fabric plays on our minds. We are uncertain if the fabric will be comfortable or look good on your body structure. You are also in doubt as to whether the fabric will retain its original form and texture after washing. Fabric is something we can never compromise on as no matter how well the design or print maybe if the fabric is not suitable to you, you will not be able to wear it. Fabrics are broadly classified into two types- natural and synthetic.

Silk-we all have a vague idea of what silk is. It is often considered a luxury fabric due to its high price, sheen and versatility. Most of us must have touched or worn silk. However, not all of us know that silk is one of the strongest natural fabrics. It is a soft and smooth fabric that is often used for making designer and fashion clothes as its shimmery appearance adds beauty. A lightweight fabric, silk cannot withstand the rough and tough use. Being the most gorgeous and elegant textile fabric, it is nicknamed as the queen of fabrics.

Cotton- Cotton is derived from the cotton plant and is one of the most popular natural fibres in the world. It offers the best in terms of comfort, softness. It is used in a huge variety of attires and medical industry. Cotton can be worn any time of the year as it keeps you both cool and warm, making it a top favourite of all people.

Spandex- it is a stretchable fabric that retains shape even after much pulling and tugging. It is used in different clothing styles, especially because it repels body sweat and oils.

Wool- wool provides warmth in the cold climate. A robust fabric, wool last for very long and is lightweight. It does not wrinkle easily and is able to withstand wear and tear.

Satin- satin and elegance are almost synonymous. It’s beautiful physical appearance, and smooth surface makes it loved by so many. The smoothness is derived from the blend of silk and rayon and offers it the shimmer that we see. It is used widely by the fashion industry due to its good looks and lustre.

Liva- this modern-day fabric is created naturally. It is soft, stylish, comfortable, natural and eco-friendly. Just remember, whenever you buy any liva dress, you are going one step ahead in making the planet greener and better.

The fabric suppliers in India are increasing in number. We hope basic information on the above fabrics will help you make a good selection of fabrics when you have to buy them.

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