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What Is Fleece Fabric?

Spun Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric is one of the oldest knitted fabric designs which is still popular in today’s modern world. It has the characteristics of being warm, cosy, easy to care , easy to wash and  easy to sew. Due to the  popularity of the fleece, these have been extensive worldwide. It has the amazing ability to insulate the weather, while winking moisture away from the body.

Fleece is an artificial product. It is being named after the fleece coat on a sheep, it is 100% synthetic and derived from plastic rather than a fluffy sheep’s coat it is being fuzzy to the touch. The softness, warmness  and breathing nature of this magic material makes it perfect for outerwear .The use of fleece fabric is incredible for keeping warm, particularly whilst being active. Fleece has a surface on both sides of the fabric, meaning each side has a layer of cut fibers. Air pockets can sit between the threads in this pile surface, meaning the material can hold in that bit more warmth. Not only polyester fleece is warm and durable, but also it is moisture resistant making it ideal for extreme weather conditions  and  for sportswear which it became popular  in the 1990 era, due to it being warmer than wool and much lighter to wear.

Mittal Industries is one of the leading entity in the textile industry, engaged in offering of the best quality range of Spun Fleece Fabric. The offered fabric is woven to meet the standards with the industry standards. It is widely appreciated by the clients for its characteristics like seamless finish.. Moreover, the quality of this fabric is strictly checked by our quality check team to ensure flawlessness. Here are some of the features of spun fleece fabric :

  • Seamless finish
  • High longevity
  • Excellent patterns

Spun Fleece Fabric or polyester fleece is a soft, frizzy fabric used for making sweaters, sweat shirts, jackets, mittens, hats, blankets, and in any other areas where a warm, wool-like material is needed. It is a two-sided pile material, meaning that both the front and back surface of the fabric sprouts a layer of cut fibers, similar to corduroy or velvet. Polyester fleece resists moisture and dries quickly as it is the most durable fabric that not only holds warmth. Unlike many other synthetic woolen textiles, polyester fleece does not bunch up into little balls-after extensible use. It became popular for out-door gear in the early 1990’s, because back-packers and hikers found it lighter weight and warmer than wool. It is continuously becoming popular as a fashion fabric, and has found a host of more specialized uses. Spun Fleece Fabric is widely manufactured by many manufacturers in India. Mittal Traders provides the best spun fleece fabric manufacturers and very fine quality of fleece Fabric is used. Spun Fleece fabric is so easy to work with almost any project that can be crafted.  Make fleece animals, socks, scarves or anything can dream up that can be made from this versatile fabric.

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