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Where Can I Find Fabric Manufacturer in Delhi?

fabric manufacturers in Delhi

India is home to many textile industries. You can find all types of fabric manufacturers in Delhi, exporters, wholesalers and fabric mills in India. The variety of fabrics available in the textile industries can be confusing to choose from. One such fabric manufacturer is Mittal-Traders, which is located in Gandhi Nagar, Delhi.

About Mittal Traders

MittalTraders is a well-known fabric manufacturer, suppliers and wholesaler that started its business in 1992. The staff is competent and possesses adequate knowledge to meet customer requirements.
Mittal Traders is a leading fabric exporter in Delhi that supplies the fabrics that are in vogue and with the latest designs.

The latest technology is used in integrated knitting, weaving, spinning, and dyeing which makes MittalTraders a leading name in the field of fabric manufacturing. The company believes in customer satisfaction at its highest level with trust, integrity, and sincerity.

Types of fabrics Mittal Traders manufactures:

There are various types of fabrics manufactured at MittalTraders.

  • Rib fabric- Rib fabrics are a knitted fabric with alternating rows. It is stretchable, durable and offers shape retention. They are most often used in t-shirts, trims of socks, sleeves, necklines, and waist. They are knitted on machines with two different needles.
  • Spun fleece-Spun fleece is made from polyester and is used generally to make warm clothes. Mittal Traders provide the best quality spun fleece to help you bear the extreme cold conditions.
  • Cotton pique-This fabric is usually obtained from the cotton fibers having vertical raised ribs. Mittal Traders manufacturers the best quality cotton pique fabric, which is used in formal cotton shirts and in sportswear.
  • Cotton lycra-It is a mix of cotton and Lycra and is highly elastic.
  • Cotton sinker-Mittal Traders manufacturers cotton sinker fabric, which is 100% cotton. The fabric is very light in weight, soothing and comfortable. It allows air to pass through it easily. Matching ribs are also provided at Mittal Traders with the cotton sinker fabric.
  • Viscose lycra- A blend of viscose and Lycra, this fabric is made by using the latest technology. Mittal Traders make premium quality viscose Lycra fabric, which is highly durable. The clothes made from this fabric are easy to wash.
What makes Mittal Traders the number one fabric manufacturer in Delhi?

Mittal Traders has a unique reputation for meeting its customer needs in the best possible manner. The wide range of fabrics manufactured here is unmatched in quality.

The best technology and treatments are used to create the fabric. These fabrics are available at the most economical prices and have a long life. The fabrics also undergo laboratory testing for colorfastness, durability, and other factors.

At Mittal Traders, you rest assured of getting the best quality fabric in the most pocket-friendly rate, which will last you for long and keep you happy and contended.

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