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Which Kind Of Cotton Is Best For Making Cotton Lycra Fabric?

cotton lycra fabric

Cotton Lycra fabric is a blend of two materials, cotton and Lycra. Cotton is the natural fiber whereas Lycra is an artificial fiber which is having high elasticity and is so called as Spandex. Cotton Lycra Fabric suppliers has a wide range and most of the suppliers appropriately used 95% combed cotton , 5% spandex and the suppliers need 28 gauge knitting. Cotton is natural and Lycra is a stretchy, synthetic fiber with increased elasticity and is famous under the name ‘Spandex’. These are generally used in making of daily wear and sport outfits so as to offer comfort. By wrapping cotton fibers these fabrics are getting manufactured onto the filaments of spandex, which is a bunch of several tiny synthetic filaments. Cotton Lycra Fabric is a deluxe fabric which comprised cotton as well as spandex yarn to render smoothness and breathable material. These top fabric manufactures blend the material that is cotton with spandex for its perfection. They activate all the perfections in the material.

Advantages of Cotton Lycra fabrics:

Some of the advantages of the lycra fabrics are as follows :

: According to the Cotton Lycra fabric suppliers, the outfits made of using this fabric will have enhanced comfort and breath ability power as that of cotton because of the increased percentage of cotton while getting manufactured of this fabric.

Easy maintenance: It can be maintained very easily because of the presence of spandex in these fabrics, they do not wrinkle or stretch easily leading to easy maintenance. Sports outfit can easily be worn because they are very stretchy.

Increased Life: Life of the fabric depends on the appearance and pilling can be the greatest drawback in this context. These fabrics are completely free from pilling where pesky balls are tangled and fibers are seen. This can be credited to the presence of less spandex, and more cotton in the fabric, thus offering a better life span. The fabric offers an excellent aging and so it is used in daily wear clothes, and is also resistant to sunlight and the formation of mildew.

Maintenance of the fabric:

To enhance the life of the fabric an individual should follow the specifications laid by its manufacturers. Cotton lycra fabric manufacturers will  provide specifications for the washing and maintenance of the fabric. They include:

The fabric should be protected to a hot water wash because spandex present in the fabric is heat sensitive and will cause uneven rolling and distortion to the garment shape.

In general choose the means of wash that is suitable for the primary fiber in blend like the dry cleaning, hand washing and more following the care instructions.

Never use chlorine bleach on a fabric with Lycra. It can be taken as a standout instruction.

The spandex in the garments do not support hot irons. So it is generally advisable to prevent them. Also, these fabrics when dried properly will remain wrinkle free, thus making up to easy and low maintenance.

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