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Reasons Why Organic Cotton Is Better

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More than half of the world’s fibre needs are met by cotton. Cotton is the most common and widely used fabric by men since ancient times. All around you, you will find things made of cotton. Whether it is your shirts, trousers, blouse, sheets, pillow covers, diapers, napkins, socks, you will find cotton wherever you go. However, the cotton that we have been growing all these years is grown with pesticides and the use of other toxic chemicals. This poses a big threat not only the environment but also to people who are growing and working around it. In the last few years, organic cotton farming has seen popularity. This is because organic cotton is grown without the use of such harmful pesticides. However, organic cotton may be costlier than traditionally grown cotton fabric, but it is better for the environment, the farm workers as it reduces the risk of birth defects, reproductive disorders and weak immunity.

What Is Organic Cotton farming?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic chemicals, fertilizers and genetically altered organisms. Organic cotton is grown in previously treated land that is free of all earlier chemicals and pesticides. The land is given atleast a time of three years to get free of all the toxic residues that were left behind earlier. The organic cotton fabric is actually made from original cotton plants that have not been grown with the help of fertilizers or been treated with chemicals like bleaches, colours, fragrance etc. Organic farming works by building the soil organic matter by practising crop rotation, intercropping and using natural compost such as cow dung and manure. This type of farming is good for the environment. It also conserves water and makes use of rainwater more effectively. It uses beneficial insects to manage pests on the farm.

To put it in brief organic cotton is beneficial because it cares for the environment, protects the health of the farmers and those who work around it, supports wildlife and is good for your skin. In most countries, cotton is still handpicked, which exposes the workers to toxic chemicals. When these chemicals enter the water supply, it affects the entire community.

Advantages of organic cotton fabric

  1. Eco-friendly fabric- when you wear organic cotton clothes, you are a step closer to creating a good impact on the environment.
  2. Moisture absorbent- organic cottons are useful in textile production as they absorb moisture and the dye color.
  3. Feel of the fabric- organic cotton jersey is soft, lightweight and have the feel of linen. This is because the natural wax of these fabrics is not chemically removed, which lends the fabric smoothness and weight.
  4. Easy to care- natural cotton requires less maintenance. It is easy to wash them in cold water. They do not require chlorine bleach or fabric softener.

We hope with so many benefits of organic cotton, you will now be convinced to choose organic cotton. Our priority should be to think of the environment and to produce soft and comfortable cotton.

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